Book Rental Scheme

We in Clonmore N.S. are very aware of the cost of books on parents. With this in mind, we try to make as many books as possible available through our school book rental scheme. The scheme is a very effective method of keeping costs down for parents. The book rental scheme is mostly relevant to the older classes, as many of the books in the junior end will need to be written into. However, the scheme allows the school to add to our graded reading collection for our junior classes which are an invaluable resource for early readers. We would encourage as many as possible to continue to join our book rental scheme (compulsory for junior and senior infants). For those who do join, we would ask that all books be looked after carefully. Books that are lost or damaged will need to be paid for or replaced. Consent forms for the Book Rental Scheme are issued each June.  

Purchasing Books Through the School

The purchasing of books each year can be a stressful one for parents; searching bookstores, ensuring they have the right titles and so on.  With this in mind Clonmore N.S. give parents the option of buying all their books through the school. The school will order all books for those who are interested and there will be a collection evening once all the titles have arrived. The prices of the books will be on booklists sent out and these prices are taken directly from the suppliers.  It is a simple case of paying your child’s book bill and the school will organise the rest.  This is completely optional, those who would like to purchase their own books, feel free to do so. 

Paying for Books

We are always very appreciative of prompt payment of book bills by families. A lot of time and effort goes into organising school books each year. The earlier we can have it sorted each school year, the more beneficial it is for everyone in the school. However, we do realise the costs associated with books. We are happy to help anyone if they would like to pay by instalments or those who may have financial worries. If either is applicable to you, please contact the school and we would be happy to discuss.
Book bill money can be sent directly to the school, paid by bank transfer or paid on our book collection evening. All book bills must be paid for before the collection evening. 

For those paying by bank transfer it is very important to put a note with your transaction, e.g. Book bill 20/21 – Student A

Account details as follows:

Clonmore National School

Bank of Ireland, Templemore


IBAN – IE24 BOFI 9044 5611 3926 28