Latest Update - From March 1st, Covid-19 measures in schools have been scaled back considerably including the removal of pods and mask wearing. Infection prevention and control measures will continue, including ventilation, hygiene measures and advice to stay at home if symptomatic. Children who test positive for Covid-19 must self isolate as per HSE guidelines. As always, children who are showing symptoms of Covid-19 should not attend school. Those children that have no symptoms and have not produced a positive test are free to attend school regardless of if they have been in close contact with a positive case.   With the removal of restrictions, we are anticipating an increased infection rate in our school. We ask for your continued support and understanding in all matters relating to Covid-19.  As the situation is ever changing, please contact the school if you have any queries relating to Covid-19 and school attendance.   
Please see HSE link below for the latest relating to schools and Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, school life has changed considerably. It has brought unprecedented challenges to all schools around the country, including Clonmore N.S.  All families should make themselves familiar with the information in this section. If your child displays any of the symptoms of Covid-19 they must not attend school. If unsure, please contact your GP for further advice.
In the event of a confirmed case of Covid-19 affecting the school, this situation will be led and managed by the HSE. Any decisions or actions deemed necessary by the school will be communicated directly to us by the HSE, i.e. school closures (full/partial), contract tracing, testing, sharing of information and so on.
The support and understanding of all our families was vital to the successful reopening of our school and will continue to be so in the challenging weeks and months ahead.

Key Messages from Government Guidelines (Dec 2021)       

  • Children must not attend school if they display any symptoms of Covid-19   
  • Children must self-isolate or restrict their movements at home if they display any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and contact their family doctor to arrange a test
  • Parents are asked to cooperate with any public health officials and the school for contact tracing purposes and to follow any public health advice in the event of a case or outbreak in the school
  • If a parent or guardian receives a positive (detected) PCR COVID-19 test result for their child, we are asking that they contact the school immediately to let us know. Parents of the other children in the child’s pod will be contacted, in order to provide details on how they can order free antigen tests and the procedures around taking these tests. The school will not share any personal information relating to any other child with parents. The children in the pod of the confirmed COVID-19 case can continue to attend school as long as they have no symptoms and they do not have a positive COVID-19 test result (antigen or PCR). If at any time, your child develops symptoms they should isolate at home and you should book a COVID-19 PCR test for them.
  • Participating in antigen testing is a voluntary programme, therefore it is not necessary for parents to share information with the school about whether they have requested antigen tests and undertaken negative tests. The decision to do antigen testing with your child is completely up to parents and guardians and will have no impact on your child’s education or experience in school.
  • Children who are well should continue to come to school whether they participate in antigen testing or not.
  • In cases where children are deemed household close contacts, the HSE will advise on attending/returning to school. This advice must be followed. Children deemed as household contacts will still need to restrict their movements and get a Covid-19 test. 
  • Mask wearing is now mandatory for children from 3rd-6th classes. In situations where mask wearing may not be appropriate for children with underlying health issues or additional needs, the school will provide full consultation with parents and a practical, common sense approach will be taken. In certain circumstances, parents may need to provide a doctor’s certificate for non compliance with mask wearing
  •  Children that have travelled outside of Ireland; in such instances parents are advised to consult and follow latest Government advice in relation to foreign travel
Important Reminders
  • Avoid congregation at school gates, remembering social distancing
  • Access to the school is strictly by appointment only
  • Practice with your child(ren) correct hand hygiene and coughing/sneezing techniques
  • If your contact details change, please inform the school asap

Returning to School

The Government has provided lots of Covid-19 information and videos on returning to school and for those starting school for the first time. Please see the link below for further information on their Back to School Campaign.


The HSE provides all the most up to date information relating to Covid-19. Please see the link below for further information

  • High Temperature
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Loss of Taste or Smell

Information Posters for Parents

Clonmore N.S. Covid-19 Response Plan