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Green Schools is a long term programme, and after our great achievement of being awarded our 4th Green Flag last June, we are already looking forward and working towards achieving our 5th. The 5th Green Flag is for Biodiversity and we hope to get it in 2014.

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is our life support system. It is the variety of all life-forms on Earth, from the tiniest bugs living in our soil to the butterflies in the garden, the plants they feed from and the biggest whales in the sea. Biodiversity includes the diversity of individuals within the species (genetic diversity), diversity of species within an ecosystem or habitat (species diversity) and the diversity of ecosystems or habitats (habitat diversity).

What is going on at the moment............?

  • We have elected a Green Schools’ Committee with 2 representatives from each class in the school as well as 2 teachers.
  • We are currently undertaking an environmental review of our school and have identified all the plant life in the school grounds.
  • We are doing a Litter and Waste Blitz this term. All children are keeping our school litter free as well as recycling and reusing any waste possible.
  • We currently recycle: Blue bin waste, batteries, ink cartridges, stamps, mobile phones.
  • We have registered for the National Spring Clean, which will take place in April.
  • Fifth and Sixth classes are involved in a recycling and energy project making briquettes for fuel from old newspapers.
  • We are running a competition to come up with our own school’s Green Code for Biodiversity.

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